Twitter Search results alongside google results using greasemonkey

Lots of people/blogs have discussed whether twitter’s search (Real time) can pose threat to Google or not.  I’ll not get into details of the same again.

IMHO it will be difficult to pose threat to search engines however real time search results from twitter cannot be ignored certainly.

Especially when the real time news/discussions about events on twitter are far much relevant than the indexed news from search engines.
(The news items will take a while to get indexed and appear on the front page.)

We have seen the power of twitter when terrorists attacked the Mumbai hotels. Lots of news channels combined were not able to provide actual happenings as twitter #mumbai was providing.

Mark Carey (@mthacks ) has written the cool greasemonkey script to show twitter search results along side Google results.

I’ve installed it and following is the sample results page :-)

Twitter Search Alongside Google Results

Twitter Search Alongside Google Results

Marc has written blogpost about the same :

How to accomplish this ?

1) You would need Greasemonkey Add on for firefox  — Install from here (If you dont have it) and restart firefox

2) from install `Twitter search results on google` script written by Marc Carey (@mthacks)

3) Above script loads 5 results from the google search results … However if you want 10 results and along side google search results then …

a) Edit above Greasemonkey script by accesing

Tools –> Greasemonkey –> Manage User Script –> Edit `Twitter Search Results on Google script`

Choose your favourite editor and replace this code with above script

4) Now Google search results will have twitter search along side it …

Please note :

Search engine results for facts/past events are far much superior to Twitter …

Whereas Twitter results may contain current action/buzz across world but can contain lot of noise also

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