Contribute to drizzle full-time, employed at Rackspace Mosso

Rackspace had launched their cloud computing, cloud hosting service Mosso last year. We are hosting at Rackspace for quite sometime, although haven’t been able to try out Mosso.

Rackspace has always tried to contribute to opensource in some or other manner. (e.g. Custom Nagios modules,  documenting various technologies used,  and many more ).
Some may argue that its their business … However contribution in any format is welcome :-)

Rackspace Mosso has gone one step ahead and is offering to support Drizzle (A Lightweight SQL Database for cloud and Web) Development in their capacity. Mosso is willing to employ fulltime developers and let them completely work on Drizzle Database development.

Adrian Otto wrote on Drizzle mailing List:

” I was speaking with Eric Day at the developer conference, and I mentioned that Rackspace is wiling to employ full time developers for the specific purpose of furthering the Drizzle project’s mission. He suggested that I email you on this list becuase he expected there would be interest in this offer. If you work on the project now part time, and want to make it a full time job working exclusively on the Drizzle project, let me know. The Rackspcae Cloud believes in open source, and we want to do our part to make Drizzle a wild success.”

Personally even though I’ve been a big admirer and user of MySQL for the last +10 years, recent developments with MySQL are not looking great and sooner or later I’ll look for replacement.

Drizzle is looking very promising and its manifesto of keeping it “simple, reliable, fast and scalable Database” is wonderful for Web or Next generation Cloud Applications.

IMO Rackspace Mosso has got it right and is willing to put money on the future winning horse. (Drizzle is definitely looking very much future of lightweight Web/Cloud Database.)
It’s logical for cloud services to offer the best, fast and scalable options to its clients and Drizzle will no doubt cater to that specific need.

It looks like Mark Callaghan (Google) likes the idea, along with Jeremy Zawodny and Don MacAskill (SmugMug).

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