Firefox view source refreshes the entire page

had a difficult time explaining to someone about this behaviour of firefox :-)

problem was these guys run an affiliate program which requires to have a tracking pixel on our confirmation page.
The tracking pixel (1×1) was in place for the campaign.

However whenever someone tried to see the source of the rendered page in firefox, it did not pick up source from cached copy but fetched the data from server again.

(this resulted in not showing the pixel as the confirmation is considered as duplicate :-) )
Normal feature in any lead – generation activities.

The tech head at affiliate system provider actually said following :

me: I’m using firefox 3 beta 5 and firefox 2 and both the browsers fetch the source from servers whenever we try to do ‘View-Source’

He: any other evidence on internet about the same ?

Me: Nope, have not checked for the same

He: So you mean to say you’ve found a new bug in firefox which is not yet known to the world ?
(I found lil bit of sarcasm in above question …. but he is not wrong as he has not seen it earlier )

Me: (quite) probably .. :-)

(this may not be Bug …. but certainly avoidable feature from FF)

Anyways the problem is sorted out by little bit of workaround from our side ….

But for a moment I was sounding like a techie who is giving GOLI (gas)

Cool fun sometimes it is ….

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