Day 1 at Beijing Olympics: Mix performance by indian team

In the individual archery ranking round, Mangal Singh Champia is ranked second. He missed first rank by just one point (678 against the 679 by the leader).
He is ranked seconds means he will play the guy who is at position 63.
Saina Nehwal was too good for her Russian opponent and has entered into seconds round. (32 )
Vijendra Singh in boxing has entered into second round and is looking good from the results.

Anjali bhagwat has disappointed in 10m air rifle and archery team need to improve their performance if they want to qualify for knockout round. Anyways they still have few chances left for them in other events/knockout rounds.

If you look at the medals standings right now, many smaller countries have managed medals.

Why Indian team is having such a low count in athlete ? Whether we win any medals or not is secondary atleast the kind of exposure + experience gained by the players will be valueable if we are looking at larger picture in coming Olympics.

If India can squander money on many non-essential things then certainly spending money on sports should not be a big problem.

I assume athletes are also playing for the medals and not assuming that they are some Beijing sight seeing + shopping spree.

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