Typical girl response when proposed

Many of you’ll agree with me when I tell you how difficult is to propose a girl you like and what to expect back from them :-)

(I’m assuming in most of the cases man has to take an initiative and propose.)

Typical girl answers are (In my limited knowledge on this matter ;-) ) :

Man proposes girl

Man proposing girl

  • Hmmmmm ………
  • I love you ………
  • I just like you …. (nothing more than that)
  • Can we be just friends please ?
  • I’ve never thought about you in this manner …
  • How could you ?
  • You are very important to me … (thats it … nothing more)
  • My parents/family will not like this .. (n I dont want to go against their wishes)
  • Please give me some more time ….
  • You’ll get someone better than me …
  • Sorry I’m already committed (or like someone else) …. If only you had met/asked me earlier ..
  • This is not the correct age for falling in love … we should wait for few more years …
  • You are not of type/I’m not of your type
    (You dont fit into my concept of boyfriend/husband)
  • You are like my brother … and I’ve never thought about you in any other manner than that …

Please feel free to add reasons based on your experience :-)

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