The Immortals of Meluha – Story of Shiva

The Immortals of Meluha - Shiva Trilogy

The Immortals of Meluha - Shiva Trilogy

Came across a very interesting video trailer for Indian Fiction – The Immortals of Meluha. (Thanks to Reem Saied and Gayatri for posting it)

The Immortals of Meluha is – The Story of Shiva, the simple man, whose Karma recast him as our Mahadev. The God of Gods.

‘The Immortals of Meluha’ is written by Amish Tripathi, 35 year old IIM (kolkata) grad  who works with IDBI as National Head Marketing & Product.

This book is the first in the trilogy he is writing.

Trilogy is as follows:

Book 1: “The Immortals of Meluha” – Released on 28′th Feb 2010

You can buy this book from FlipCart at 50% discount and free shipping here :  Buy the Immortals of Meluha

Book 2: “The Secret of the Nagas

Book 3: “The Oath of the Vayuputras”

Check his website :

Check the video trailer here :

I’ll be buying these books as I love fictions around Mythology.

I personally always believed in the theory of humans being treated as Gods.

Strongly believe Ram, Krishna were super human beings who by their Karma attained a state of God.

103 comments to The Immortals of Meluha – Story of Shiva

  • udaya sree

    ur buk was a blast. i loved it. after reading it i started 2 think positively abt RAM.nice research n gripping story. i nvr known that shiva actually luved parvathi n i believe u. thanx 4 giving us such a nice buk. waiting 4 d other two……………

  • Uday Ranpara

    I loved the book and eagerly waiting for the next one… my suggestion is please try and include more heroic acts of lord shiva……..

  • Sneha Das

    being a student of ancient Indian history, this take on the Indian mythology is really interesting and i would like to mention that the characterization of the characters is awesome….waiting for more…EAGERLY…..!!!! truly a page turner!!!

    good luck!!!

  • Harsh

    An excellent book. You must ensure to get a movie is made. Every youngster must read this book. Would also like to suggest that you should not stop with these books. Since you have started the concept of combining mythology with fiction. I feel that you must write similar stories on Gautam Buddha and many othe mythological personalities. When is the next book being released

  • Sushant

    Celebrates Indian Mythology in a very western way ……brand new approch and excellent attempt

  • m

    does anybody know when is the book 2 coming out?

  • rrajapur

    Awesome book, should be read as a stand alone and should not be compared with other writers. Its really nice. Liked it and waiting for the second book.

  • radha

    its likely to be released this july

  • harshyam patel

    awaiting eagerly the secrets of the nagas

  • Debrup

    In August(most probably)……………you can pre order it from

  • aarushi

    Pls lemme noe wen d 2nd book is cumin out………

  • mano

    its not published yet… :(
    eagerly waiting for 2nd part…

  • Pavas

    The best book I have ever read. It was gifted to me as I am addicted to the novels. This book was as good as Godfather. It was so intresting that I left my office for two days to complete it and till now waiting for the next part.

  • sasisekar

    waiting for the second book, everyone should read this book . just read and feel u r with shiva. its real wonderful experience. just feel it.

  • sasisekar

    i have doubt,the tamil people know manu as manu needhi chozhan, but the autho

    r have given he is from pandiyas dynasty how is it and on what basis?

  • RamChandra

    The book will be released on 29th of this month… as was told to me by the bookseller.

  • Edward James

    Sorry Mistake became wrong:) the facebook link for the Shivatrilogy page is

  • Its the owsome book . truly great!! waiting eagerly for next part! :)

  • Ranjeet Walunj

    “Secrets of the Nagas” book is available for Pre-Order from flipkart.
    Have read the first chapter and written my views on the same here

  • Sneha

    “Secrets of Nagas” I got the book and just gonna start the same. Part 1 is awesome and the touching story. Did this really happened is it the real story?

  • Ohh…. just finished “Secrets of the Nagas”… AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING… you will not believe how many things change in this one… gosh.. waiting for “Oath of the Vayuputras” is going to be more tough than the wait for “Nagas”….

  • Santhoshini Mereddy

    Finished “Secret of Nagas”,its amazing while readinng through page by page…..its very tough to wait for the release of “OATH of Vayuputras”..donno when this will be going to release :(

  • rasika

    when is the oath of vayuputras releasing…..?? i cant wait man….. amish are u listening…??

  • ilovemeluha

    I Love The Books… when will the Oath of the Vayuputras RELEASE?
    Eagerly Waiting! :)

  • ganesh

    just want to now that shri Ram was before Shiva……because in the book it mentioned that he wear the cloth were its written shri Ram….

  • both of the books are great. A must READ!

  • atul

    I’ve gone through ur all ad.of this book, but i think that you have go into deep more study & than you’ll have to write the book like “The Story of Shiva” because The SHIVA is not avatar of Vishnu…
    Here the Indian Matyho Bhrma & Vishnu are added force fully!!!
    In Shiv Puran There is battle between Shiva & Vishnu…
    & Shiva won the battle…than siva is avatar of Vishnu…how it is possible???
    Because Vishnu is represent of Brahimns & Shiva Represent of Orignial Indains…that is GAN pratha…
    Shiva is hero of GAN NAIK…
    hence prove his son named GANPATI…
    GAN meance people,democracy…
    Vishnu is not the hero of GAN!!!
    Think of this
    YES we are proud of LORD SHIVA,but we did not expect that “the shiva is avatar of vishnu”
    Because Both lord shiva & vishnu are different in all ways…
    Lord shiva lead our original Indian…
    & vishnu Lead Brahmins…
    How it is possible the both opposite end are meet each other???
    Think on it How the real story of SHIVA???

  • Yogesh

    Hi Atul,
    Did you read the books? nobody is saying that Shiva is avatar of Vishnu. In the book there is even not a concept of Avatar. As in the book stated, All the so called avatars were nothing but normal people who became godlike due to their Karma. If any person brings Law and Order in the society, he was known as Vishnu as Vishnu is a protector. For Example, Ram brought law and order to his kingdom so he was called the 7th Vishnu. Same way Shiva is called as Mahadev / Lord Rudra who was destroyer of the Evil. And in the books Amish has narrated the journey of Shiva – from a simple man to Mahadev.

  • Vaibhav

    Hey atul,
    I pity your narrow minded views.. you ask the author to study deeply.. but I think it u who is in need of study.. what is this line about “Lord shiva lead our original Indian… &vishnu Lead Brahmins…” do you mean, Brahmins are not Indians?? btw I am brahmin and a Shivaite. So tell me, whether I am an Indian or not? Instead of commenting on the book, you are spreading your false and narrow minded view. I pity you.. you are suggesting that gods fight gods.. isn’t it enough that all over humans are fighting humans..

  • Anjali

    The books are very realistic.The way he ahs blended different stories is beautiful.

  • Axe

    Atul u need to read it properly.

  • Hi ,

    I love the book and i am now waiting for 3rd part..

  • soumick

    atul> u r not opening up ur mind to the real facts. u r only keeping it confined to previous mythological explanations. Shiva had no miraculous powers. He couldnt create a thunderstorm with his trishul. He was a normal Man like u n me whose deeds for the society were so great that he is being preached as God nowadays. nd every other god throughout the world, for every other religion is same. Its their deeds to the society which matters. which has made them Gods. Nd they should.
    Generally in Mythologies, stories are made twisted and they are often based on unrealistic concepts with too many miracles n magic revolving around it. Contrary to that Amish has presented the real story of Shiva’s life based on realistic concepts and facts. For this I admire him. He has done a great deal of research on it. In case of Indians, if u study the indian history from the stone age or paleolithic age or different research works of famous historians u will find that only few tribals here in the deccan plateau, chotanagpur plateau and andaman islands are true natives. rest all of us Aryans or Dravidians came here thousands of years back from outside.
    But does it matter? we have accepted this place and it has accepted us. So now this is our home and we are all Indians.
    Atul its only this that ur mind has not attained the enlightenment yet. But u may find it soon and then u will understand.


  • sobhana

    what an amazing experience it is to reda the books of shiva triology,, the beauty of description and excellence in derivations.. of the logic of human mind has not only increased my passion about our mythology ,, and also on the standards of the personality predominance..

  • Anu

    Superb books…. Can’t wait for the third part!! Excellent narration skills and story flow. Wonderful imaginative power. How he puts each of the mythological characters as pieces of the puzzle is just amazing

  • Pradeep Nair

    I have read that book twice, i am waiting for the second book to come, Best wishes for the Author.

  • K.A.Venkatraman

    I read first and the second book and waiting for the third. I like the way Shiva has been portrayed.Yes I feel Shiva as normal human being can have a family.

  • Abraham Isaac

    One of the few great books I am reading after a long time. Quite a nice revelation for a Christian like me, of the the hindu legend and mythology mixed together and told in a wonderful way.

    Eagerly awaiting the 3rd volume of the secret of Nagas and hope we wont have to wait too long. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • Shobhna

    opps……….just cant resist for 3rd book..when its relasing ..
    Its amazing, feeling as if i was there only .

  • Yogesh

    For the Shiva Trilogy Fans :
    Check out the interview of amish tripathi and his hardwork and views for Shiva trilogy.


    cant wait for the part 3, definetly its a book that really carved indian history beautifully!!

  • leksang bhutia

    eagerly wating for the third book!! sad dat i read d second book first !! could not feel the suspense in the first book lol…!! whn is the third book releasing ??

  • Darshan Sangodkar

    I read all the comments made by the readers, all interesting with different perspectives. The author has painted the journey of a man who attained the level of divine/god through his Karma invoking the divine/Mahadev which is in each and every one of us.
    If in some way the books have inspired you to be an inch close to Shiva then it has served its purpose. If by reading about Shiva, this is the thrill just image what it will be being in presence of him. Join some men/Sadgurus/Baba/ who live in his presence and see the change it gets you to your life.

    Om Namah Shivaya!

    For those who still think, we came from Aryan or Dravadians, please read this

  • vijay

    I think all of us have to remember that this Story is from the perspective of the Author

  • kakarot

    lol…. gods are never human beings, god is god everytime and no human being can become god or equal to him however whatever deeds he do.My comment would hurt many people but some people would be happy tha there is really a _____ person who still knows ________.And if they were human beings before then who created the land on which they walk

  • kakarot

    And soumick and all of you are unable to think beyond a limit, if god was a human being how can he create planets (Is Mahatama Gandhi a God or any other noble person)god is person who is above the the main problems of every existting living being in universe
    EG:-1)Birth.God never takes birth he just appears ,however avatars are descendants of lord to destroy evil in the form of human so god abides with some basic rules of human being such as birth but not death he just disappears, and if god breaks his own rules everything will get destroy. So avatars take birth but there are many instances when god just appears.
    2)Old age. Who does not become old with time( if lord SHIVA was human being he must have died after some 100 Years !!)
    2)Diseases.Who never catch any kind of diseases small or big
    3)Ultimately Death. If any thing is born it has to die so god never dies cause he never takes birth.

    This knowledge is beyond human perception so im not able to explain you precisely.
    And you think that amish must have done research !!. What is the reasearch to be done when everything is mentioned in vedas .And if you dont believe this can ANYONE get me the source from where did amish tripathi got that lord shiva was a human being. Thereis no one religious text that describes that god was a human being.

  • kakarot

    Yes amish tripathi has told that this is his imaginative story Ok?

  • shwetha naik

    hi amish. you are a superb writer. i really loved your both the books. eagerly waiting for the third book . please release it soon.all the best for next edition.

  • Ajay Gowda

    The first half of the story is very intersting.The autor was very genious to not to let the readers to guess the characters and suspenses in the very next page easily….
    Sequel – Secret of Nagas takes the readers to the different world of Shiva.

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