Questioning morality of person using pirated software

We all know that piracy in some or other formats cannot be stopped and there have been number of futile attempts in past by large organisations.

And lets admit most of us have used/are using pirated softwares on their home/work computers.

I’ve came across following awesome response by USB Overdrive X to anyone using pirated code to register their software online.

It’s kinda awesome personal request to that person using cracked code, which questions the moral actions of the wrong doers.

Only one issue with the above message: They should have termed the guys as Crackers and not as hackers.

IMHO hackers do have good intentions unlike to crackers.

If I’m using that software illegally, I would definitely consider as paying the license fees.

However it helps that I’m using Linux and open source most of the times, and all softwares on my windows machine are licensed.

USB Overdrive X is a Device drive software used on Mac OS X that handles any USB mouse/trackball/joystick/gamepad or any bluetood mouse.

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6 comments to Questioning morality of person using pirated software

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  • Cracker is a abusive word for the White guys, hence no crackers :)

  • I liked the post. However, “USB Overdrive X” people seem to have gone in a defensive mode and that could be offensive to themselves.

    For the cruel world it is difficult to define morality. Theory of relativity applies here.

    Finally, I could not see any reason for you justifying that you use licensed software/s. However, I perceived it as FYI.

  • ranjeetwalunj

    meghnaad, hahaha.

    I use mostly linux + opensource softwares for my work.

    It is not only because it’s free but also because It’s much better, less bulky and cleaner than the closed source softwares.

    The things about ‘USB Overdrive X’ guys are they are selling the software for some 20$, which is not very costly for the normal user who finds value in the software.

    If apple OS can provide the functionality as built into the OS itself then users will obviously love it.

    Till then people will use s/w like ‘USB Overdrive X’

  • I really liked their response… Way to go.. Very nice post!

  • reticon

    humbug, there is nothing immoral about using software, what’s immoral is license agreements. Rumpelstiltskin tried to pull that kind of crap too. People like to make rules and play god, and then when they can’t find enough money in the world to force people to pay them for their ideas while they use other people’s ideas for free, they will make the ultimate attempt at deity by creating moral rules. Nice try dummy. I live in the 3rd world, your laws are crap, if a bunch of bits I find laying around the internet will do what I need then I’ll use them. Just like you use the mouse, the wheel, and a billion other things that someone else invented. Yeah, nice try, morality. Next thing you know Steve Jobs is gonna start a religion and write a Bible and all.

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