All your base are belong to us …

Google has launched the Project 10^100 (”Project 10 to the 100th”) to mark their 10th birthday;
a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.
The price is around some $200,000 per idea. (they are selecting 5 ideas for $1 Million)

As they have already touched upon most of our daily habits and tracked us completely.

They can go ahead and take following ideas to own us completely :-)

    - Worldwide Google Security number agency (something like Social Security Number)
    - Run Spy Agency  (They already know many more things about us than probably we know about ourselves)
    - Visa/Passport Agency
    - Start Television channels (They already have satellite)
      I’m sure they can definitely run targeted ads on Set-Top boxes
    - Start Hospitals
    - Start schools (All kind of)
    - Start building military applications and appliances
    - Provide alternate Energy source and make money
    - Run a full fledged financial institution (World needs few more players in this zone — after the current debacle)
        catering to banking needs
        investment needs
        credit authority
        ….and so on
    - Start something on geologists and geophysicists
        First target to find oil mines
    - Start film production house (producing all type of films including adult movies)
    - Start a Soft+Hard Drink manufacturing company
    – And many more …………..

Please check the 10^100 original announcement here.

Please feel free to add your ideas here …. (I assure that I’ll share prize money ;-) )


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5 comments to All your base are belong to us …

  • walunj rocks :)

    Brother its Prize not price :)

  • Amit

    Satish, Ranjeet actually meant “Price” only i suppose, because Google when owns us completely as stated by Ranya, we really dont know what price we are gonna pay after that… and it seems Ranjeet would be glad to share that price with us.. But sorry Ranjeet we dont wanna be party to what happens with you… So stay away from Google…

  • ranjeetwalunj

    thanks brother ….

    english locha ;-)

    corrected now :-)

  • machiavelli

    so i was going through youtube looking for porn last night in an attempt to see just what kind of pornography is available there. purely academic exercise of course (you perverts!), i was doing research for youtube SMO for desimad.

    anyway, turns out even though they tag their videos as hardcore porn, the most you’ll get is two girls making out.

    so i’m thinking: a new and improved crawler that will preview the video for relevance!

    who’s with me!?!?!!

    benefit to society: parental control! think of the children!

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