The Sapling Project

The Sapling Project

Me and Satish are doing a small campaign to plant and share saplings, free of cost to one and all in different parts of our city.

Do check out for more details and to sign up for the saplings.

Hopefully if we manage to get more friends interested in the idea , we should be able to trigger similar endeavors in different cities all over India

Do lemme know your views/inputs .

Peace &  Breathe Easy :)

2 comments to The Sapling Project

  • First i would like to tell you its a great initiative. My group has also done a tree plantation event some months back. Where we plant around 40 saplings (Some provided by TMC.

    There are some question i would like to ask …

    1. Which sapling would be given and how many for a individual?
    2. Do u know a place in mumbai where we can plant tress or these saplings?
    3. And if i want or my group want to donate such sapling where i get these or whom should we approach?

  • Ranjeet Walunj

    Hi Vishal. Thanks for joining theSaplingProject.

    To answer your queries :
    1) We are providing Neem/Ashoka for plantation and we can provide 1-2 saplings per participant.
    We can provide more also, Idea is whether he/she is able to take care of these saplings for atleast couple of years.

    We want participant to stay committed to their saplings and contribute to make cities greener.

    2) You can plant in your building premises, society, colony or any place where you can take care of the sapling till it grows into a small tree.
    Once planted you can even give it to your society watchman, gardner, kids for taking care. However responsibility should be taken to ensure that they are doing the job correctly.

    3) Welcome to join for the cause of planting and distributing saplings. We can discuss this in more detail on 19′th Dec 2009 @ first distribution drive for Mumbai – Chapter.

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