Browser War: Microsoft IE8 Vs. Firefox Vs. Google Chrome (or Google OS?)

Its quite logical move from google where they have come out with their own version of browser (Google Chrome) after looking at the features of MS IE8 and possible threat to its advertising revenue.

Internet explorer enjoys 60-70% of browser market share due to its strong presence in OS. Mozilla/Firefox enjoys close to 20-25% (or [...]

Microsoft IE8 and Privacy by InPrivate Blocking

So called online user privacy advocates will be more than happy to have a look at microsoft IE8 feature list.

Microsoft is providing a feature called as “InPrivate Blocking” in IE8 which will allow users to block/edit/allow third party tracking/adserving options.

Read about microsoft IE8 and its features here

It also says


InPrivate Blocking [...]

Drizzle: A Lightweight SQL Database for Cloud and Web

I’ve been using MySQL since Dec-1999, and so far its been a wonderful database which works perfect for most of the Online (Web) Applications. Few days ago when I was going through scale-our strategies for mysql and lightweight mysql discussions, I came across ‘Drizzle’.

Drizzle is a High-Performance Microkernel DBMS for Scale-Out Applications. Drizzle is [...]

Firefox view source refreshes the entire page

had a difficult time explaining to someone about this behaviour of firefox

problem was these guys run an affiliate program which requires to have a tracking pixel on our confirmation page. The tracking pixel (1×1) was in place for the campaign.

However whenever someone tried to see the source of the rendered page in [...]