Indian market tommorow post $25 spike in crude oil prices

I was awake pretty late today and checking yahoo finance site for the global market cues for tomorrows (23 sep 2008) market in India.

Crude oil prices have taken biggest one day jump ever till date; when it spiked more than $25 today in US market.However it has cooled down to $120.92 from the earlier [...]

Samay Hot Balwaan ….. (Time is the most Potent and powerful ! )

We all have heard about a saying “Samay Hot Balwaan” (Time is the most superior/Powerful thing; everything else is secondary).

Origin of the saying is from a Doha of Kabir (We generally do not know the complete doha.) Here it is:

“Manushya nahin hot Balwaan, Samay hot Balwaan; Bhillan Luti Gaupika, wahi arjun wahi baan.”