Indian market tommorow post $25 spike in crude oil prices

I was awake pretty late today and checking yahoo finance site for the global market cues for tomorrows (23 sep 2008) market in India.

Crude oil prices have taken biggest one day jump ever till date; when it spiked more than $25 today in US market.However it has cooled down to $120.92 from the earlier [...]

Technology glitch brings UAL stock down

I was going through slashdot and one bizzare incident was reported on it.

Google’s news tracker/crawler, fetched a news from some old reprint of an article from Dec 2002 when United Airlines was on the verge of bankruptcy.

United airlines later on managed to get out of the situation after that.

However google crawled it [...]

Disappointing June IIP at 5.4% …Stock market ends weak

I was talking to wise friend of mine from finance sector and he told me why the market went down today.

It all started first with CNBC reporting IIP (Index of Industrial Production) at some 3.4% and the market entered the panic mode and lots of Nifty lots were sold in that period.

That was [...]

Financial Resolutions Revisited….

I know its bit late to follow any of the resolutions.Yeah i know its august 2008 and not yet the new year. But i’m as usual lazy and late

Nevertheless i’ve read following resolutions in the month of Jan and put it down for my referrence. (Seriously dont remember from which portal. Would love [...]

Finance Guru Speaks ….

I’ve been associated with AIII (Association of Indian Individual Investors) for almost 3 years now.

This group has been started by Rajeev Mundra (Too cool guy from IITK — GeoDesic — and now full time finance guru )

And the kind of financial input/training/gyan recieved from the group is amazing.

Received following gem from Padmanabhan: