Dilbert on Occam’s Razor

Dilbert: Maybe I’m unlucky in love because I’m so knowledgeable about science that I intimidate people. Their intimidation becomes low self-esteem, then they reject me to protect their egos.

Dogbert: Occam’s Razor. Dilbert: What is “Occam’s Razor”? Dogbert: A guy named Occam had a rule about the world. Basically he said that when there [...]

Tiger Woods Accenture Homepage photo

Amidst the current problems faced by tiger woods in his personal life, last thing he could have expected accenture to do is put some really funny photograph of his on their homepage.

I mean nothing is wrong with the photograph … the timing of putting it on website could be weird …

It could not [...]

Kung Fu Panda – Secrets of the furious Five

Kung fu panda is an awesome movie and i thoroughly enjoyed it with my family. I’ve seen it with my friends and loved it everytime I saw it.

It’s a story about a panda names Po (Voice: Jack Black) who goes on to fight against the ods to become the ultimate ‘The Dragon Warrior’ the [...]

What kind of movie would you like to see ?

Today we were discussing about what do you look for when you go for a movie:

I’m not getting into a discussions of different genre of movies like horror, suspense, classics, comedy, adult and many more. I’m also not discussing about Art(?) movies, commercial, masala movies, semi-commercial, parallel etc etc.

I’m least bother about what [...]