I’m Ranjeet walunj, working in Mumbai, India and have a experience of 9 years in internet technologies.

I am a continuous learner and passionate about technology and finding ways about how it can solve real business problems.

I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have got access to open-source technologies pretty early into my career/education.
I’m what I am; is only because of the ‘open source technologies’ and love the enthusiasm and passion with which people work towards opensource.

Its time to payback for me (with whatever little i know), and provide consultancy/discuss issues with my clients for free.
(provided requirements are not conflicting with my company’s interest.)

My LinkedIn Profile : http://www.linkedin.com/in/mayavi/

You can follow me on twitter here : http://twitter.com/ranjeet_walunj

I would be discussing many topics here .. mostly technology related … asking queries … seeking answers/opinions … giving my experience with the new stuff tried … (along with the source codes/instructions etc)

Occasionally will be discussing something non-tech stuff also :-) (quite often)

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