Ordeal of Reliance connection

Serious issues with reliance phone connections and travelling abroad.

I was travelling to dubai and wanted to get my phone connection working internationally.

1) I went to reliance webworld (shivaji park) on 25’th november to activate International roaming on my number (93xxxxxxxx — This is my reliance GSM number)

2) I was made to wait for 2-3 hours for some simple reasons like system not working. Then I was asked to pay Rs. 5000/- as deposit to enable international roaming.

3) I was given confirmation by the manager/employee that the work is done and my number will work in Dubai.

4) I got call from reliance webworld after I reached home to come back and collect different SIM card (reliance blue colour – International roaming enabled card) to ensure my phone works there.

5) I was given commitment and assurance that the card will definitely work in Dubai. I inserted this new sim in my handset and it worked fine during the night of 25’th november and early morning of 26’th november. I even got confirmation SMS saying my international roaming has been activated.

6) It was working fine till the time I boarded flight to dubai – upon landing at Dubai – I figured out my Reliance card is not working and I tried calling customer care to report this.

7) On 3rd december, I spent more than 50 minutes (including two calls from my local dubai number) to reliance customer care only to be told that the number I was dialing (the number is – +91 22 30333535) is prepaid support number. (that too after keeping me on hold for many minutes).
Where as the funny fact is the number is mentioned on reliance website for international support for POSTPAID mobile connections is (+91 22 30333535). Attached is the screenshot for the same.

8) Since then I’ve received calls twice from Mr. Jabeel saying my case has been escalated and it will get resolved. With him I tried 4 different handsets to ensure that there is no problem with my handset.

9) My phone is not working and I’ve suffered terrible business loss due to not having OTP from my banks and other bank harassing my family members due to not been able to reach my Reliance number.

10) Reliance customer care on email informs me to go and collect new sim card from webstore. Unfortunately they do not have webstore in Dubai and neither I could travel back to India just to collect new sim card.

Update on 26’th Feb 2014
1) I land in India and found that my phone is still not working.
2) Upon visiting reliance webworld, I’ve been told that my phone is not working (suspended) due to non-payment. Then I enquired about Rs. 5000/- security deposit submitted by me.
3) Webworld manager told me that by mistake they have booked it in bill instead of the credit.

My EMI’s were bouncing, customer calls were missed – no bank transaction was possible.
And the phone is still not working as of 27 feb 2014.

This ordeal of reliance connection has left a very bad experience and severe damages in credit score as well as loss of opportunities.

Can someone please help me to put this across Consumer Court/TRAI?

2 comments to Ordeal of Reliance connection

  • RCOMCare

    Dear Customer,

    Kindly submit your details at this link: http://bit.ly/1cmd6ds Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

    Reliance Communications

    • I’ve spoken to your customer care and they have deducted my bill (even though the phone was not working for three months) from my security deposit.

      Is this ethical? And what about the torture of phone not working for three months where all my banking transactions were held?

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